Narciso Rodriguez L’Eau For Her Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez L'Eau For Her Narciso Rodriguez  1

Dominant valley, powdery, and with a bit spicy, peppery. Very nice refreshing floral fragrance for warm days. Later it came à la crème shade, soft, gentle … While all EDP sharp, brash, provocative and sexy, this is a gentle, slow

Your Life by Esprit Woman Esprit

Your Life by Esprit Woman Esprit 1

Esprit perfumes are generally very happy, relaxed and youthful favorable, but again, in our opinion, at this price you can find much better creations. Nice said. At the same time, fruity and sweet and watery … this combination is very

Flowerparty by Night Yves Roche

Flowerparty by Night Yves Rocher  1

When you first smell it you will have the feeling of being in a beautiful orchard with various types … forest fruits, blueberries, strawberries … Intensely fruity, sweet and thick, and it feels nicely blended scent of vanilla and almonds.

Sherri Hill 2841

Sherri Hill 2841  1

Cute, real small prom dress. Beautiful decorations and soft fat more make this dress right dress for a young girl. Gentl, soft, candy-sweet.

La Femme 15027

La Femme 15027  1

Excellent long dress for your unforgettable night … There may be a prom dress, and the same can also be an excellent choice for a future bride. Anyway, this dress will make you feel like the right day and you

Gabrianna – Sam Edelman

Gabrianna - Sam Edelman 1

Stunning flat sandals for comfort and easy walk. However, perhaps this will be the right choice for bohemian greater. In any case, you will enjoy the comfort and gentleness leather which’s sandals really delivers.